Build better dApps with user feedback bounties

Better makes it easy for your users to provide feedback, vote on the best ideas and fund them as bounties - rewarding your contributors to implement them

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Catch all user feedback

Better simplifies the feedback process by staying close to the users. Collect ideas from Discord, Twitter or directly in your DApp interface!

Customize Better to receive any ideas - from feature requests, bug reports to translation requests.

Discover the best ideas

Let your community provide feedback on your roadmap and curate the best ideas from external contributors.

Integrate your existing governance tooling and free the bottleneck of scaling your DAO or Open Source project.

Integrate your tooling

Plug directly into your development and project management work flows. Let users create issues from Github and automatically mirror them on your website

Or store your feedback completely decentralized on IPFS or onchain, on NEAR and Polygon.

Turn ideas into bounties

Better allows anyone to fund a proposal, turning the idea into a bounty that is open for contributors to implement.

Bounties can fund your product development and serve as a strong signal for community support.

Discover new talent

Build up a community of active contributors and onboard great new teammates - from engineers, to community builders.

With each contribution, Better builds up a reputation score - a degen score for community contribution, combining onchain funding data, github commits and votes.

Scale your DAO and focus on building

We see huge potential in crypto coordinating the planning, building and maintaining of public goods and infrastructure.

However, working in the DAO ecosystem, we noticed the shortcomings of current coordination tooling. There are initial hurdles to participate and build up reputation. DAOs tend to take a long time from vetting ideas to implementation. While most of the curation is done by core teams, which takes time away from product building.

To solve this, we are building an open platform that plugs into your existing planning and development flows. Using Better increases input of ideas and allows your community to curate, fund and implement them - taking away burden and time from your core team.

Enabling stakeholders to drive your progress


How does Better compare to Gitcoin?

There are two core differences:

  • Better is Gitcoin as a service. Any app project can fork Better and manage its own ecosystem, while Better can also integrate information from a project’s Gitcoin.
  • Gitcoin works top-down only, as projects or organizations create and fund bounties, or set up grants. What is missing is allowing users to open feature bounties for existing dApps. Issues in Better can be created and funded by anyone, and issues can be as broad or specific as a user wants, which creates a broad “marketplace of ideas”.

How does Better compare to Tokenlog?

While Tokenlog focuses on onchain governance for already funded dApp projects, Better aims to coordinate stakeholders around a dApp’s complete journey -- from funding, to roadmap prioritization, to identifying new talent and fostering a community of related projects.

We think this more closely resembles how Web3 communities actually operate. Many users wear multiple hats -- those of founders, developers, creators, patrons, etc. -- and the same user’s profile may differ from project to project.

Better also allows for a project and its community to develop ideas, tools, and services around the core project. As an example, Better could allow users identify the need for third-party tools that integrate with a project (e.g. discord/telegram bots) that could be built by the community, for the community, all within the ecosystem of the core project.

How does Better compare to Sourcecred?

There are two major parts to Sourcecred. Recording contributions from any member of a dApp’s community and rewarding them. new talent and fostering a community of related projects.

We love this holistic view on contributions to Open Source communities. And we see Better as a possible onramp for funding into a Sourcecred instance.